Southborough - Salomons
David Salomon's Estate
Broomhill Road
Tunbridge Wells



We have a fabulous venue with a  fully licensed bar, great lighting and a brilliant atmosphere.


Southborough News

Southborough will be closed on the following date/s in 2017:-

Tuesday 4th July 



Our event schedules are as follows:

Regular Nights

Doors Open: 7:45pm
Beginners Class: 8:00pm
Freestyle: 8:40pm to 8:50pm
Intermediate Class: 8:50pm - 9:15pm
Beginners Revision: 8:50pm - 9:30pm
Challenge Move: 9:20pm to 9:30pm
Freestyle: 9:30pm to 11:00pm
Finish: 11:00pm


£9 Members

£2 Lifetime Membership

£8 Students (with valid union card)

£8 Freestyle Only (after 21:30)

£10 Freestyles

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There is lots of free parking on the Salomons Estate.


Teacher (Tuesdays) - Lisa Richardson
Teacher (Thursdays) - Samantha Turner
DJ - Bob Dyer
Door (Tuesdays) -
Door (Thursdays) -
Demo (Tuesdays) -
Demo (Thursdays) -
Taxis -